Cathy Duffy Curriculum Review Summary

May 5, 2021 | Wisdom Wonder Project

If you’ve been in the homeschooling world for any amount of time, you know that Cathy Duffy is the end-all be-all in curriculum and educational resource reviewers. Cathy Duffy has been reviewing curriculum and educational resources for the homeschooling community since 1984. Cathy’s primary goal always remains the same: To help families successfully educate their own children.

Cathy Duffy has reviewed both our preschool-kindergarten Little Wonders Literature-based lessons and our Singapore Math video programs. Her reviews are both detailed and straightforward, laying out what our content covers in detail as well as her opinions on the work it will require to implement. 

Cathy’s summary of our Little Wonders Literature-based lessons: “Little Wonders provides a developmentally appropriate mix of activities that introduces children to wonderful stories and provides plenty of hands-on activities.”

Cathy also says of our Singapore Math instructional video programs: “Mrs. Amy Houser is the teacher for these courses. She is warm, friendly, and encouraging. In the kindergarten course, Houser and one of her stuffed-animal friends welcome children and introduce a topic, then Houser walks them through the lesson using lots of demonstrations as well as activities with hands-on objects such as teddy bear counters, origami paper, coins, linked cubes, and templates from a PDF file… I expect that many parents who love Singapore’s math curriculum will appreciate having this teaching assistance.”

*Please note that details in Cathy Duffy’s reviews may not be up to date, as some changes have been made since she wrote her reviews. The best way for you to evaluate whether or not our curriculum and resources are a good fit for you is to sample our curriculum. 


Sample the curriculum Cathy Duffy reviewed:

Little Wonders Literature-based curriculum

Singapore Math videos