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Kindergarten is the perfect place to start setting up excellent habits and thought patterns about math! You may be surprised at the subtle intricacies that can be missed if the foundation isn’t set in younger grades.

What’s Inside:

  • Collection Overview & Template PDFs
  • Average 4 video lessons per week
  • 140 total videos
  • Average length: 7-15 minutes


  • Amy Houser

Collection Materials:

  • Earlybird Kindergarten Math STD ED Textbook A & B
    + manipulatives & other household items

1st Grade/Level 1

Continue the natural developmental continuum with our first grade series. Level 1 prepares students for math topics that they will encounter in future years, touching on the subjects learned in the Kindergarten series while building in more advanced mathematical concepts such as multiplication and division.

Coming Fall 2020