Whether you are just beginning or you’ve been homeschooling or teaching for a long time, we are sure that you have a few questions for us. We’re guessing these might be a few of them:

There are some subjects that Wisdom Wonder Project does not cover. We have a curated list of additional learning resources that we recommend to round out your child’s education HERE

For all of our curriculum collections, we encourage you to invest in the Collection Materials (this list is found in your Collection Overview at the beginning of each monthly unit) which will be used throughout your homeschool career and across multiple subjects. You will need all of the standards such as watercolors, tempera paints, paper, paintbrushes, school glue, pencils, markers, and crayons. We always try to recommend quality products that will last a long time and have many uses. Each month there will be some additional materials needed (which you can purchase, borrow or possibly substitute with other materials you already have on hand), which will vary quite a bit from month to month and by subject.

For Little Wonders Literature, you should plan to purchase or borrow four books per month. For Little Wonders Block Play and Art units, you will work through one book per month.

For Young Scholars History/Literature, plan to purchase your Story of the World book and an additional four supplemental books per month. For Science units, plan to purchase or borrow one main book for each yearly collection, and an additional book per month. Young Masters will just require one book per month.

Every family’s homeschool (co-op, classroom, etc) is different! Some families set aside 2-4 hours every day on very focused schoolwork, and some families do it differently. We do provide a suggested schedule in each of our curriculum collections, but it’s just that–a suggestion that may or may not be helpful to you. We encourage you to take education at a pace that works for you, which may shift and change through the seasons and subjects.
We recommend spending at least an hour at the beginning of your week to make sure that you have all of the materials you will need, and plan out your schedule. Our curriculum is intended to help you not overplan or overthink, and should give you the tools you need to have confidence as an educator and enjoy the journey.
While our curriculum collections are carefully curated for specific age and development groups, you can easily integrate younger children in the book readings as well as some elements of the activities but at their own level. If children are older, they can learn along by supplementing their learning with more challenging reading on the subject being presented.
Although the differences may seem subtle if you compare Little Wonders units from different levels side by side, there are significant developmental shifts that happen in these young years so we felt that they warranted writing separate curriculum for each year. For instance, in our Block Play units, you will see that children transition from free play with blocks into buildings, then enclosures, and in the Kindergarten level you will see them move into more representational building. Our curriculum writers (who are also homeschool moms and teachers) have a wealth of knowledge to draw from as you move through the three Little Wonders levels.
We prefer the term non-sectarian. We do not subscribe to any religious affiliations or beliefs. In our History curriculum, we teach about different cultures and religions from the perspective of their place in history, but we believe that the place for religious instruction is in the home with parents.

There are a lot of practical factors we have to consider when planning future curriculum development. For now, we’ll just say that while we would love to build out to each history cycle for every level, we do not currently have the resources to do so. We will keep customers and email subscribers appraised of our plans to develop new curriculum.

See the answer to the previous question - yes, we want to build curriculum for each history cycle at each level, but it is a long-term goal within our project and not something we are developing yet.

First of all, it's important to familiarize yourself with your state or country’s laws about homeschooling, as most education policy is formed at the state or local government level. We have a helpful blog containing helpful links to resources that we recommend reading: (https://www.wisdomwonderproject.org/blog).

When it comes to choosing a curriculum, everyone is different. Of course we think ours is the best and the most beautiful on the market, but the best way to find out if it fits is to try it out, and we encourage you to do the same with any curriculum resource! We always offer plenty of samples to try out to make sure that our curriculum is what you’re looking for, which are accessible here on our website (or can be requested through our contact page).

Wisdom Wonder Project is an approved vendor for many charter schools as our curriculum falls under their requirements. We are happy to complete the vetting process and work with all charter schools to ensure that your funds will cover the cost of your curriculum, but we do not process Purchase Orders or take checks as a form of payment, so purchases will need to be made on your behalf (i.e. in your name and email address) by the purchasing coordinator with a card. To prevent any recurring payments, the purchasing coordinator must contact us to request that we set an end date to the subscription.

We are actively producing more Singapore Math instructional videos each year, and will keep newsletter subscribers informed of our progress and release plans. Subscribe to our email list for ongoing updates.

You may cancel your subscription plan at any time by visiting your account details on the Wisdom Wonder Project website (https://www.wisdomwonderproject.org/), navigating to the Billing page, and adjusting your subscription settings and preferences on your own, or by contacting our Customer Service team through the Contact Form on our website. If you cancel your subscription, you will not receive a refund of any fees already paid, and your member benefits and access to your curriculum may be terminated.