What Is The Wisdom Wonder Project?

March 1, 2019 | Betsi Ashby

What Is The Wisdom Wonder Project?

The San Luis Obispo Classical Academy opened its doors back in 2005 as a one-room schoolhouse in a neighborhood garage. Since these humble beginnings, the school has spent the last fifteen years developing and honing its novel approach to education – classical (with a twist). As word has spread, people have been getting excited about SLOCA, and now, after years of receiving inquiries from people across the nation asking us to share our roots, wisdom, and ways of doing school, we have taken the step to break out beyond the classroom walls and share what we are doing with the world. The curriculum used in our San Luis Obispo classrooms is being repackaged and made available to teachers and parents everywhere through the Wisdom Wonder Project– a project and community seeking to make the power, mystery, and magic of learning accessible to our modern world.

The Wisdom Wonder Project is a curriculum-based subscription service that offers monthly units in a variety of subjects for homeschooling families, classroom educators, and others looking to enrich their child(ren)’s education. Our units are designed to ignite curiosity, develop a lifelong passion for learning, and deepen relationships between the child(ren) and educator.

Units are digitally downloaded and can be implemented at home, in the classroom, or on the road. Lessons are easy to follow and easy to fall in love with. Spend more time teaching and less time prepping!

Monthly Subscriptions Available Now

Preschool Literature – Enjoy great literature with your child while bringing stories to life through a feast of ideas and activities included in each monthly unit. Each unit is broken down into four weeks with one book assigned to each week.

Preschool Block Play – It was famed architect Floyd Lloyd Wright’s introduction to blocks that first inspired his interest in architecture. Discover the wonder of blocks through activities that harness the developmental tools of imagination and spatial development for your child(ren). We’ll walk you through each step so you can engage alongside your child.

Preschool Little Masters – Art opens us up to new worlds of possibilities. Learn about a different artist every month; explore a piece of their work, along with activities to apply their techniques. Each monthly unit also includes a book and element (artistic principle) inspired by the artist’s work.

Monthly Subscriptions Releasing Soon

Junior Kinder and Kindergarten Literature
Junior Kinder and Kindergarten Block Play
Junior Kinder and Kindergarten Little Masters

Monthly Subscriptions Releasing in the Future

Primary (first and second grade) History and Literature
Primary Science
Primary Literature
Little Chefs
Nature Play

Content for higher grades will follow. Join our mailing list, so you can be the first to know about the release of new content.

Looking for more than just curriculum? The Wisdom Wonder Project offers more than rich, beautiful lessons – it is also an invitation into a community of parents, homeschoolers, and teachers from all over the world and different walks of life. Find a home base to connect with like-minded educators in our subscriber-only forum and be encouraged along your journey.

Be sure to check back here often for inspiration, ideas, and support.

Explore our website and subscribe today!

**Curious to know what’s inside one of these monthly units? Download a sample week of our Preschool Literature curriculum.**


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