Summertime: Little Wonders

May 1, 2019 | Jessica Ray

This summer, our Wisdom Wonder Project curriculum is delving into exciting new realms. Summertime is a magical and free-flowing season, and we provide guided learning templates to match. As extensions of our Little Wonders collections, our summer months (June, July, & August) are a change of pace from their school year counterparts (September-May)––academically light, heavy on play, always learning. These months encourage a deep, engaging, and slow rhythm. For our Literature Collection, summertime becomes a study in Fairy Tales; Fairies, Forts and First Machines takes the place of our usual Block Play units; and our summertime Little Masters curriculum becomes Scribble! Stick! Splat!

Fairy Tales correlates with one rich, traditional, and fantastical fairy tale each week. Toss a blanket out in the yard and get ready to read some little known fairy tales as well as some childhood favorites, like Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Princess, and Sleeping Beauty. Throughout the Fairy Tale units, there are prompts each week for block play, art projects, nature activities, and ideas for dramatic play.

colored water bucket with flowers

The Fairies, Forts, and First Machines units are a feast of ideas and activities focused on one theme and one beautiful picture book each month. In June’s Forts unit, girls and boys alike immerse themselves in creating miniature worlds, they use their imaginations to dream of, build, and decorate fanciful forts in July, and in August are introduced to simple machines that are chock full of fun. These summertime activities are an excellent opportunity to practice cooperation, communication, and negotiation. Whether done independently or with support, a sense of pride comes from imagining something and then seeing it come to life––watching it unfold in a child is quite magical!

kids building with blocks on a rug

Scribble! Stick! Splat! was created to equip parents/teachers with ideas and activities that cultivate artistic creativity in their child(ren). It encourages art as both a feast for the eyes and as a way to communicate the wonder all around us. Each month focuses on one type of medium. In Scribble, the focus is crayons, markers, and chalk. With Stick, it’s time for glue! And Splat is all about painting. These engaging units provide some whimsy and an easy rhythm for summer, giving you and your child time to enjoy the process together.

girl hitting paint with mallet

To those who join us with these units, we hope that your summer will sweep you up in wonder and joy as you enjoy the sweet break with your children and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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