Wisdom Wonder Project Authors

Meet the Authors

After decades of teaching, a group of educators united to surround you with the support you need. You already have what it takes to be an amazing homeschool parent, all you need is the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right curricula. This group of educators came together to create just that. Educators like Jennifer Perneel, who has 18 years of experience teaching in a classroom and was also a home educator for 16 years to 2 children.

Meet our team of authors

Why Wisdom Wonder Project?

Book-Based Learning

We believe in great books. Our curriculum centers around reading whole books and extends to lessons & activities based on what we discover between the pages.

Classically Inspired

Our program offers classical education with a twist. We combine centuries-old learning traditions with a nonsectarian approach, character-centered values, and an emphasis on play that prepares children to become the great minds of tomorrow.

Developmentally Appropriate

Our curricula respects the age of the child and teaches to their stage of development. This not only optimizes learning, but maximizes enjoyment by engaging and meeting the needs of the whole child.

Freedom & Flexibility

Designed with all kinds of families in mind, our curricula lets you teach at a pace that works for you and your child. Our flexible lesson plans allow you to do as much or as little as you desire—without feeling guilty!