Summer Units: Installations & Painting

Ultimately, in the world of art, there are no rules! For a freeform summer, learn about installation artists & painters who pushed the boundaries of their craft while engaging with artisitic opportunities of your own.

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Installations: Christo & Jeanne Claude

Painting: Lee Krasner

Installations: Andy Goldsworthy

School Year Units: Art

In these lessons, discover the character and spirit of a new artist each month in an effort to decipher what each of these artists were attempting to communicate. As you do so, you will begin to find the path to your own, new ways of expression!

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Month 01

Month 02

Month 03

Month 04

Month 05

Month 06

Month 07

Month 08

Month 09

Congratulations! You’ve completed Primary Art! Unfortunately, we don't have any curriculum for you to move on to at this time, but stay tuned as we'll be producing more soon.

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Primary Art

Coming Soon!

More monthly artists with new perspectives and new activities! Where art history comes to life as students engage with each artists and elements.

Certificate of Completion

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