Summer Units: (Women) Scientists, Substances, & Solar Systems

Meet four incredible women in science whose impacts are still vital today, dive in and learn some basic chemistry while experimenting with fun substances, and go out of this world into our vast solar system through activities and art projects.

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(Women) Scientists


Solar Systems

School Year Units: Living Things

This year will cover three categories of living things: biomes, the human body, and life cycles. We will spend three months on each topic. Children will learn about each topic through reading, journaling, art, experiments, and hands-on activities. The specific focus within the larger topic will be outlined in this section each month.

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Month 01

Month 02

Month 03

Month 04

Month 05

Month 06

Month 07

Month 08

Month 09

Congratulations! You’ve completed Primary Living Things! Unfortunately, we don't have any curriculum for you to move on to at this time, but stay tuned as we'll be producing more soon.

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Weather & Scientific Method

Coming Soon!

The focus of our next year is weather and the scientific method. We will explore air, atmosphere, scientific method, materials, matter, and microbes.

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