Summer Units: Mummies, Myths, & Mortals

The focus of this summer is rooted in ancient history, spending a month in each culture: ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome. Each month, children will be exposed to the well-known pieces of each empire while also meeting some of the lesser known royalty and hearing some of the lesser known stories.




School Year Units: History/Lit

The focus of this entire collection is ancient history. We will begin in 7000 BC when the Nomads roamed the Fertile Crescent. From there, we will travel through the early days of civilizations all over Europe, Asia, and Africa with a focus on ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.

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Month 01

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Month 03

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Month 09

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Congratulations! You’ve completed Primary Ancients—now it’s time to level up! If you’re moving up to 2nd grade, we suggest Primary Medieval’s summer units. If it’s time for 3rd grade, we suggest Intermediate Medieval.

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The focus of our next year is medieval history. We will explore the Early, High and Late Middle Ages as new civilizations and empires emerge, battle, and become.