Summer Units: Mummies | (Women) Scientists | Installations

The focus of Hist/Lit this summer is rooted in ancient history, spending a month in three ancient cultures: Egypt, Greece, & Rome. For Science, meet four incredible women in science, dive into some basic chemistry by experimenting with fun substances, and then go out of this world into our vast solar system. For a freeform summer in art, learn about installation artists & painters who pushed the boundaries of their craft while engaging with artistic opportunities of your own.

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Mummies | (Women) Scientists | Installations

Myths | Substances | Paintings

Mortals | Solar Systems | Installations

School Year Units: Ancients, Young Masters, & Living Things

The focus of the History/Literature collection is ancient history. We will begin in 7000 BC when the Nomads roamed the Fertile Crescent. From there, we will travel through the early days of civilizations all over Europe, Asia, and Africa with a focus on ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.

In the art collection, discover the character and spirit of a new artist each month in an effort to decipher what each of these artists were attempting to communicate. As you do so, you will begin to find the path to your own, new ways of expression!

Science this year will cover three categories of living things: biomes, the human body, and life cycles. We will spend three months on each topic. Children will learn about each topic through reading, journaling, art, experiments, and hands-on activities. The specific focus within the larger topic will be outlined in this section each month.

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Month 09

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The focus of our next year is medieval history. We will explore the Early, High and Late Middle Ages as new civilizations and empires emerge, battle, and become.

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