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The WWP project is an educational non-profit founded in 2018. Today, you’re invited to partner with us in revolutionizing math education through championing our steM Impact Challenge.
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Why Singapore Math?

Why Singapore Math?

Wisdom Wonder Project’s Singapore Math series reflects a high value for play by maintaining a playful and engaging nature. The concepts taught in our videos are serious mathematical concepts, but the instruction featuring our expert math teachers is whimsical while developmentally appropriate at each level.

Want to know more about why we love Singapore Math? Watch our video to the right!

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Watch a few sample videos from our already published Kindergarten and First Grade series to get a peek inside what all the talk is about.

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“My son really enjoyed using manipulatives along with Mrs. Houser. He felt really involved alongside her.”

“There is a lot of interactive dialog with Mrs Houser in many of the videos. They [our sons] fully engage with her as if she's really talking to them and asking them questions.”

“Every video they shout out ‘OH, it's our favorite part!!!!’ when the intro starts where the little wooden animals travel across the screen and make lines.”

“When the videos are over, [our daughter] always asks if we can do another!”

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